About The Avenue

The Avenue project is a big project! It’ll take several years (until approximately 2015) to clean-up and restore the former Avenue Coking Works to a place of natural beauty but we’re already seeing results and as a team we’re very committed and passionate about regenerating the site.

The project is delivered by Homes & Communities Agency (HCA) who has appointed a team of experts to transform the site, so as you can imagine, every day brings progress and new discoveries. As an organisation, HCA is also very keen to involve the public in this project, which is why we’ve improved and re-designed this website. Hopefully, you’ll find it interesting, informative, fun and easy to use!

Our team of experts mainly comes from project and cost management consultants, Turner and Townsend and technical consultants, Jacobs and NHBC. We also have an expert delivery partner, VSD Avenue; a consortium made up of specialists from VolkerStevin, DECSita Remediation and their consultants Entec. As well as these we have other organisations in our team including environmental consultants, TEP, air quality consultants, Bureau Veritas and wildlife managers, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust.

With 98 hectares of heavily polluted land to clean-up, the project is a challenging one for our team, but they’re more than up to the job. The team is exceptional, with skills ranging from chemical analysis, demolition and engineering to environmental legislation, land remediation design and wildlife management.

The Avenue clean-up is being funded by the Homes and Communities Agency, the government’s national agency for housing and regeneration. The Avenue is part of their National Coalfields Programme, which focuses on transforming derelict former colliery sites into places that can be used and enjoyed by people, businesses and wildlife once again

The project is also supported by the European Regional Development Funds and the Department of Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (DBERR)

General clean up
Chimney towers