May 2010

The team has almost completed the sheet pile wall between the river and the contaminated lagoons. This means the northern floodplain area of the site is safe for excavation, allowing the removal of sediment from the lagoons. The thermal plant assembly has continued with good progress, and work began on the water treatment plant foundations. The bio-remediation area has been prepared, where microscopic organisms will feed on the hydrocarbon pollutants in the soil, breaking them down into carbon dioxide and water.

ariel may for web.jpg
View of temporary bridge across the Rother and the coffer dam to ensure the area near the river is safe for excavation

Wailings and strots for coffer dam (sheet pile wall)


Part of the sheet pile wall at the northern floodplain area 

3ave may10water.jpg

Contaminants on surface of river Rother

4 avemay.jpg

Water treatment plant foundations

5 ave may extra.jpg

Heat exchanger for the thermal desorption plant

6 avemay.jpg

Output area of thermal desorption plant

7 ave extra conveyor.jpg

Conveyor to move material to heat treatment area


Cyclones in thermal treatment plant


Chimney stack of thermal desorption plant


Concreting of thermal plant output bins