Exciting News Concerning Developer Procurement

08 Jul 2014

We are now at the final stage of the developer procurement process for the first phase of development at Avenue. An announcement of the selected developer is  to come later on in the year ! 

Taking down of the Thermal Treatment chimney Stack at the Avenue Site

05 Mar 2014

Following on from the turning off of the Thermal Desorption Unit in December 2013, the Avenue Site has now removed the chimney stack which had been operational since 2010.
A local firm, Millbro of Clay Cross assisted in the decommissioning and taking down of the plant and chimney. This marks another significant step towards realising the exciting and ambitious project of fully transforming the industrial site into a place that can be enjoyed by both people and wildlife.

The Avenue Project - December 2013 - MP Visit to site for the turn off of the Thermal Desorption Unit

20 Dec 2013
 A major milestone in the clean-up of the most polluted site in Western Europe was reached recently when the specially designed plant for removing toxic waste was switched off for the last time.

The Avenue Project Update - November 2013

27 Nov 2013
Latest news on the Avenue Project

Latest Developments at The Avenue

10 Oct 2013

Firstly, the unsightly lagoons will soon be completely filled and replaced by grassy mounds. Lagoon 4 (in the North Eastern corner of the site nearest to Hasland) has now been completely filled with treated soils and Lagoon 2 (made up of three ponds) has been excavated, the material decontaminated and filling has now commenced with the thermally treated materials.
Secondly the Thermal Treatment Plant (TTP) is expected to be turned off by Christmas!
The decontamination of this sight has been an extensive task and a large part of it has been through thermal treatment. Since the TTP started treatment of contaminated material in September 2010 it has processed more than 100,000m3 of sediments and 100,000m3 of contaminated products.
In addition to this a further 300,000m3 has been treated through bioremediation (the use of bugs and microorganisms to neutralise contaminants) and mechanical sorting.
The next phase is preparing for the future development of the site. The transition process has begun, this includes work on landscaping as well as construction of the sports field footprint. The new course of the river Rother is being created at present.
In addition to this, the new roundabout to access the site, has commenced construction for the development area. It will be delivered at the same time as the existing clean up, minimising disruption to the existing community. The majority of the work is taking place inside the Avenue itself, minimising the disruption to the A61. This will ensure a quality landscaped gateway; setting the standards for the future site development.


08 Mar 2013

The Remediation and Landscaping Project at the Avenue reached another milestone last month with the completion of Waste Tip Processing.

Facts & Figures
 · The tip was historically used to dump a range of materials that were generated during the life of the Avenue coking works.
· The plant was operational for approximately 29 months. It was commissioned and production started in September 2010, and completed operations on 22 February 2013
· During its lifetime, the plant processed over 200,000m3 of material, including approx. 7,000m3 of timber, 2500m3 of plastics, 700m3 of metal and 870m3 of asbestos.
· Following mechanical screening and hand-sorting through the 12 person picking station, the bulk of the material from the excavations was re-incorporated into the permanent works on site; some soils and timbers are being placed directly as fill, whilst contaminated soils were sent for onward processing through the thermal treatment plant, or through bio-remediation, depending on the assessment of chemical contamination. Other material including metals, tyres, plastics and Asbestos were filtered out and sent for offsite disposal.
· The picking station is to be retained on site temporarily, prior to being redeployed elsewhere. The screening plant will also be retained on site for the short term, and could be used to sort any further small amounts of similar materials discovered during the remaining excavations.
· Some of the western concrete bays will be retained in the short-term and used for storing materials, whilst the ones to the east will be cleaned and broken up along with the majority of the base slab; it is likely that the concrete will be crushed and used as fill within the development platform.
· On completion of the Remediation & Landscaping Project, the remaining concrete will be removed and the area will be landscaped, most of the area will be set down as formal sports pitches.

The Avenue Project Update February 2013

19 Feb 2013
Latest news whats happening onsite

Community Event

19 Feb 2013

We will be holding a drop in session at the Avenue Learning Centre (Mill Lane) on Thursday 28th February 2013 from 3pm to 8pm

MP's visit marks a milestone at the Avenue

16 Feb 2013



Latest News

12 Jan 2013

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Christmas Working Schedule

19 Dec 2012

The Thermal Desorption Plant was closed on the evening of 16 December 2012 for planned routine maintenance and will become fully operational again on Thusrday 3 January 2013. 
The Water Treatment Plant will continue to operate as normal throughout the Christmas period.
From Saturday 22 December 2012 only essential maintenance will be carried out on other parts of the site.
Security has been increased and will maintain a strong presence during this shut down period.  In case of emergency, please contact the security office in the first instance (24/7) on 01246 224057.
Everyone at the Avenue would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best over the holidays and a very happy New Year.  


16 Jul 2012
Information on the closure of Mill Lane Bridge

The Avenue Project Update Spring 2012

03 Jul 2012
Latest news on what is happening on site.

Gold Award for The Avenue Project

21 Mar 2012
VSD Avenue have received a Gold Award following an assessment from the Considerate Constructors Scheme 

Community Event

14 Jul 2011
This is an opportunity for local people to find out more about progress on site and to ask any questions they may have.

Avenue Newsletter Summer 2011

08 Jul 2011

Latest news about what's happening on site.

Avenue update - thermal plant operation

23 Feb 2011
Update on thermal plant operations following incident on 1st Feb 2011

Update on thermal plant

03 Feb 2011
Update on recent incident relating to thermal desorption plant, the large piece of equipment that uses high levels of heat to treat the most contaminated materials on the Avenue site.

Full steam ahead at Avenue

28 Jan 2011
This press release gives an update on how the clean up operation is going. It also outlines the key milestones for the project for 2011.


18 Nov 2010
An update about the closure of two footpaths at The Avenue

Aerial view of coking works
Clean up
Control room