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The Avenue Kids Zone

Getting children interested in The Avenue regeneration project and wildlife and conservation in general is one of our goals. Helping kids learn whilst visiting the project and the learning centre.

March 2010 Gallery

April 2010 Gallery

April images from the Avenue site

The Avenue Regeneration Project Site Plan

Site plan of the entire Avenue redevelopment & regeneration project.

Regeneration Project History

The Avenue has a long and interesting industrial history. Once a Coke Works and one of the most polluted areas in Western Europe, it is now being regenerated into a wildlife conservation area of natural beauty.

Environmental & Conservation Awards

The Avenue has won several awards and gained several achievements since the clean-up began, thanks to the enthusiasm and hard work of our team and partners.

The Avenue Wildlife Learning Centre

The Learning Centre is used for open days when we welcome members of the public to find out more about the local wildlife and environment in association with the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust.

Conservation & Regeneration Project News

We are committed to keeping both the public and the media up to date with all the exciting developments taking place at The Avenue regeneration project.

Images of The Avenue

Various photo galleries of the Avenue Regeneration Project

The Avenue Regeneration Project Facts & Figures

Here are some interesting facts about The Avenue – if you’d like to know more, or you know something about the site, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us

The Avenue Environmental & Technical Reports

A full archive of information relating to The Avenue, including all the environmental and technical reports we’ve commissioned throughout the project, together with summaries of the air monitoring studies we regularly carry out at the site

The Avenue Newtometer

The Newtometer chart shows the number of great crested newts rescued from the old Avenue site and relocated to the new reserve on the Avenue Washlands.

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About The Avenue Regeneration Project

The Avenue project is an environmental and conservation regeneration project to restore the former Avenue Coking Works in Chesterfield to a place of natural beauty which we hope to have completed by 2014.

The Avenue Location & Directions

The Avenue Regeneration and conservation project is located at the old Coking Works Chesterfield in Derbyshire.


The Avenue Photo Galleries

Our photo galleries will take you through the different aspects of The Avenue Project from the industrial days, the early days of the regeneration through to the final look of the regenerated area.

The Avenue Coking Works Historical Gallery

See photos showing how The Avenue looked when it was a fully working industrial site.

The Avenue Coking Works Pre Demolition Gallery

Our gallery of photographs of The Avenue coking works before we began demolition and rejuvenation.

The Avenue Coking Works Demolition Gallery

Our gallery of photographs of The Avenue coking works during the demolition phase.

The Avenue Regeneration Project Learning Centre Galley

Photos of our Learning centre at The Avenue regeneration project during construction.

Wildlife Conservation & Regeneration Project

As part of the clean-up at The Avenue, we’ve created a brand new nature reserve, complete with Learning Centre, supported by the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust.

July 2010 Gallery


Derbyshire Wildlife Trust

Their Role at the Nature Reserve

Questions and Answers

August 2010 Gallery


September 2010 Gallery


October 2010 Gallery


January 2011 Gallery


October 2011 Gallery


Planning & Development
The Avenue Site Presentation DVD


February 2014 Gallery
May 2010

May 2010 images from Avenue

June 2010 Gallery

avenue gallery june 2010

February 2013 Gallery


April 2014 Gallery

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July 2010 Gallery


Latest View from The Avenue

Latest photographs from the Avenue that capture the work thats being achieved at the site.

October 2012 Gallery


December 2010 Gallery




August 2014 Gallery
June 2014 Gallery

June 2014 Gallery

The Avenue for Teacher

November 2010 Gallery